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Whether you manage your marketing inhouse, or you work with a third party marketing firm, email marketing is a strategy you should include in your marketing plans. 

There is a lot of content expanding on the “why” businesses should be using email marketing, especially if they have a Forex CRM, so assuming that you do have one, and perhaps even have some target audiences in mind, let’s focus on what to actually send in those emails to help you convert more leads into traders.

For this post, we’ll cover 3 common situations where your CRM will be signaling that something is happening in your business, and it would be good to address that situation by sending emails to clients or contacts. 

1. Emails for unfunded accounts and generating more deposits

As we’ve written previously, it’s not uncommon for brokerages to see prospective traders (leads) go quiet when it’s time to fund their accounts for live trading, or make only one deposit that they then deplete, leaving their accounts unfunded and inactive.

Without assuming too much about your audience, it’s safe to say that these account holders are either hesitant or unable to invest in forex trading at that time – at least with your brokerage. So, what can your emails do to encourage them to invest with you when/if they’re interested?

Send a key selling points, fees and spreads email

When you see hesitation you need to answer the question, “why should a trader choose you, as opposed to your competitors?”. If you can create or tailor financials in spreads or fee structures to be attractive for new account audiences, now is the time to do it. Also, this email can be used for clients who made a small deposit before and now have left their account unfunded. Try sending an email that focuses on winning them back with bonus benefits of returning to your brokerage, and trading with you again for the long term.

Then – the Follow-up email campaign sequence

Thanks to predefined sequence emails, your CRM can schedule email sends around trigger events. Such as submitting a form on your website, making requests, opening a demo account, etc. Sending automated sequence campaigns at these times are an effective strategy in email marketing. They can be prefabricated, personalized automatically and help provide responsive feedback or sales engagement with specific leads or client accounts, as and when certain actions happen. 

See if you can build an unfunded account automated campaign around trading accounts whose balances (demo or live) zero out and/or stay unfunded and inactive for a certain amount of time. How many emails, the content or how long the series lasts is up to your brokerage’s goals. But this automated reminder to top up their account and the reasons why they should do so, gives you a quick win in terms of deposits. 

2. Tailored emails for specific entry points

Your CRM should be able to help you get a clear picture of where leads are coming from; crafting an email follow up or welcome email sequence around a visitor’s entry point is an easy and effective way to personalize a lead’s experience and increase conversions for your brokerage.

Send the first welcome email

Assuming this email is triggered by a person filling out a form on your website, social profile or at an event, the first email needs to confirm receipt and set expectations for what will happen next (a salesperson will call, a special discount code or download is attached, etc.). It’s a good idea to mention the source, “It was great to meet you at X event!” or “Thanks for visiting our Facebook page!” and provide any additional relevant information that drives the recipient back to your site or a welcome campaign landing page to keep them moving forward through their customer journey.

Then – a welcome and engagement sequence

A welcome sequence can be a lengthy series over weeks, or just two follow-up emails over a day or two depending on your audience and business goals. As a general rule, you want to approach a welcome series like onboarding – so lean into educational content and building trust in these emails. 

3. Emails for engaging inactive demo accounts

Many forex brokers place deadlines on their demo accounts to minimize inactivity and try to funnel leads towards actual deposits and live trading. Since this is standard practice, deadline extension, additional demo funds or offering special spread options can be incentives to spark a demo trader’s interest again.

Send the deadline extension email

Email campaigns triggered by or based around demo account activity can employ a combination of ideas in the two mentioned above; incentivize coming back and offering educational materials to support better trading. One idea you can test is a deadline extension campaign – in which the first email offers the recipient a deadline extension. Those who respond should be rewarded with both an extension and some other incentive to keep them moving forward towards trying a real account.

Then – a series of educational pieces

If a demo trader is interested enough to either trigger or ask for a deadline extension, consider them engaged enough for some of your educational materials, and consider adding incentives like helping them unlock more demo trading funds, instruments or tools or further deadline extensions. Pushing educational content or even trader mentorship opportunities could be especially valuable here. 


Your Forex CRM is a critical tool for your email marketing plans and generating deposits. Nurturing and converting leads into successful traders takes time – and what to say, how to say it, and what to expect are challenging to define. Focus efforts in understanding your CRM data and using Email in your communications will serve your business well. Take time to build specific audiences and/trigger events in the customer journey that you wish to address. Build clear email sequences for each step of the journey and always be testing for improvements.

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