Car park ban for peacock which ‘trashed’ BMW

Toby the peacock

John Blunt said Toby had become an enormous attraction at the Ferrers Centre

The owner of an arts and crafts centre has been forced to lock up his peacock after it damaged a visitor’s car.

John Blunt runs the Ferrers Centre in Staunton Harold on the border of Leicestershire and Derbyshire.

He said Toby pecked at his reflection in a shiny black BMW that was parked on the site, causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

Mr Blunt has bought a peahen mate for Toby in the hope that she will improve his mood so he can regain his freedom.

He said: “A black car was badly scratched by him and he was seen doing it.

“He was pecking at his reflection, pecking the black paintwork of the car.

“I think it’s quite common if they see their reflection but it’s a first time for us.

“Being my peacock on my land it was my responsibility so I’m faced with a bill for the damage.”

Sign about the peacock

Toby “pecked” at his reflection in a shiny black BMW

Toby’s pen has now been covered with netting to stop him from getting out.

Mr Blunt said: “I’d ideally like to let him out again because he’s become an enormous attraction.”

He said he hoped that giving Toby a potential mate would curb his urge to attack cars, but so far the peahen was “playing hard to get”.


Mr Blunt said the new peahen was “playing hard to get” with Toby

But he is optimistic that romance could eventually blossom between the pair.

“We’re hoping that they’ll get together and lay some eggs.

“Who knows we might have some little baby peacocks,” he added.

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