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CURRENTDESK is excited to introduce a new Custom (API) funding source option, enabling brokerages to process payments externally via any payment provider they choose.

The new method offers more developer-friendly features and security improvements, as brokerages may choose any external system – including their own hosted payment solution – to offer clients for payment processing.

Clients using the new custom (API) will be securely redirected from CurrentDesk to the external system to complete their transaction. Once complete, they will be returned to their client portal, and external payment status notifications will update automatically in CurrentDesk.

The Non-API funding source type is still available, for more information on either option, see our Custom (API) Support Article. Brokerages interested in using the new Custom (API) funding source type must contact CurrentDesk Support to have it configured for their organization.

About CurrentDesk

CURRENTDESK develops innovative software solutions to support brokerage and trading operations. Their solutions tactically reduce workloads, streamline processes, and increase efficiency. The firm’s integrated back-office and CRM solution has been deployed by brokers throughout the world, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback

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