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Auto KYC Provider Integration

CURRENTDESK is excited to announce it integration with SumSub, a leading auto KYC provider. To get started just register with SumSub and enter the SumSub credentials in your CurrentBusiness portal. For more info please read the auto KYC article in the support portal.

Get more users at less cost

Once a client registers they can complete on-boarding and make that first deposit in under 3 minutes. The process is simple, the client registers and then logs into their portal. They immediately get prompted to undergo auto KYC, at which point they take a selfie, a photo of their ID and optionally upload proof of address. CurrentBusiness sends this data to SumSub which responds in less than a minute. Depending on your system settings the client can then proceed to deposit funds.

Given the lightning quick process clients are less likely to get frustrated or distracted and are more likely to complete the on-boarding process.  That large investment brokerages make in online marketing will yield a higher return when auto KYC is used. Case studies show how brokerages using SumSub have scaled their business significantly.

Meet your regulator’s requirements

Institutions worldwide use SumSub for KYC and the system can be configured to ensure that you meet your regulator’s requirements and as such pass audits more easily.

Only Pay for Success

One of the reason CurrentDesk integrated with SumSub was that SumSub only charges for successful approvals, and we thought this would be a very good deal for our clients. If you find that SumSub doesnt work well in your region, then the good news is that it doesn’t cost you anything and the quick on-boarding still benefits you.

40% cost reduction with automated KYC/AML

Whether a client is approved by the auto KYC provider or not, CurrentBusiness saves the documents locally. The system also sets the expiration date for the documents.  If you configure the new “KYC Document Expiration” system emails then the system will notify clients that they need to update their document when the time comes. This further reduces your compliance team’s workload.

Protect from Loses

SumSub’s high level of accuracy reduces the chance of digital fraud and as such helps protect your organizations from losses

Contact SumSub for a Demo

For more information about SumSub please register with SumSub. If you register by Dec 31st 2022 you will get 500 free approvals


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CURRENTDESK develops innovative software solutions to support brokerage and trading operations. Their solutions tactically reduce workloads, streamline processes, and increase efficiency. The firm’s integrated back-office and CRM solution has been deployed by brokers throughout the world, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback

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