I posted my credit score on a dating app — I got so many dates in 30 days

Men are calling this woman “Exceptional.”

Leah Nicewander, also known as @leahnice99 on TikTok, revealed that shared her FICO credit score on her dating profile in a viral video with 1 million views.

The Florida anesthesia technician, who secured “17 dates in 30 days,” wanted her Hinge dating profile to stand out for potential suitors.

“I really just did it to make my profile more unique,” Nicewander told Newsweek. “I knew the boys would think it was either funny or impressive.”

The 24-year-old with an 811 out of 850 credit score “realized it was popular when almost every single ‘like’ on my profile was directed towards my credit score photo.”

One thirsty man messaged Nicewander: “Alrighty easy. Don’t turn me on so early in the morning.”

“This is the best thing, I’ve ever seen on this app. I’m sold,” messaged another admirer, while one person confessed, “This is so sexy.”

Leah Nicewander
Nicewander did not expect her high credit score would lock in 17 dates within a month.

She estimates “over 100 men” have drooled over her credit score since she added it to her Hinge profile.

“The boys love it,” Nicewander gushed.

The men either have exceptional taste or are preying on the Tiktoker’s credit, but Nicewander isn’t naive to the power she has.

“I have always been responsible with my bank account and I think ahead into the future when it comes to money,” she told Newsweek.

She hasn’t found a match who meets her FICO standards yet but does consider being financially prudent an important factor in dating.

“I do find it attractive if a guy has a high credit score because it usually shows that he can be responsible,” she admits.

Leah Nicewander
The young woman takes her finances seriously and hopes to find a man who has a similar score to hers.

The viral video has many people astonished by how attractive her credit score is to men, even wondering how they can boost theirs.

“How!!?? I’ve been stuck in the 790s for an eternity,” commented one person.

“I did this with my 802 credit score and all I got was a bunch of insecure, broke dudes in my likes 😂,” quipped another exceptional credit score holder.

Leah Nicewander
The 24-year-old enjoys adding a few fibs in her Hinge profile to make it more entertaining.

One person, though, disagrees with her dating approach: “Great way to attract guys that ask you to split the bill.”

Nicewander rebutted quickly, saying, “All of the guys have been super sweet and always paid for the bill! Even when I offer to split bills, they usually always say no.”

She encourages other women to spice up their dating profiles and do something different that could attract their potential beau.

“So many girls in the comments said they are going to start doing that now,” the 24-year-old said. “I think they should! It’s funny and it’s different, and I think all my girls out there should start attracting guys in unique and creative ways. My girls have so much more to offer than selfies.

“So if they have good credit or good humor I think they should show it,” Nicewander concluded.

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