I’m a shopping expert – there is a secret way to get Kohl’s cash

A SELF-proclaimed shopping expert has revealed the secret way you can get Kohl’s cash – and all you need is an Amazon account.

Savvy saver Jessica Slating says your subscription with the online retail giant can earn you free money to spend at the department store.

You can earn free Kohl's Cash with this incredible hack, Jessica says


You can earn free Kohl’s Cash with this incredible hack, Jessica saysCredit: Alamy
Return your Amazon parcel's via the department store to bag a discount coupon


Return your Amazon parcel’s via the department store to bag a discount couponCredit: Alamy

Regular customers at Kohl’s will be aware that you can earn cash on purchases made in-store and online during specific promotion dates.

Shoppers are awarded coupons with a monetary value to redeem against their future purchases.

The amount is determined by the total of the customer’s bill.

But it turns out there is another way to earn some dollars back without relying on the usual Kohl’s Cash scheme.

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Jessica claims that you can increase your funds while returning your Amazon parcels at the department store.

She shared the “great tip” in a TikTok video showing how she saves time and money, which racked up hundreds of views.

The mom explained that you can bag a $5 Kohl’s Cash coupon for simply using their returns service in-store.

All you have to do is select the ‘Kohl’s Dropoff’ option when starting the process of sending back your parcel with Amazon.

Customers will then receive an email with a QR code from the web store, which Kohl’s employees will later scan.

If you weren’t already impressed, Jessica said there was another attractive element of the shopping hack.

“You don’t even need a box or a bag, just bring the item,” she added.

Kohl’s will then pack, label and ship your return for free – while handing shoppers a $5 Kohl’s Cash voucher.

If you are an avid online shopper, the funds could add up to quite a substantial amount.

However, not every Amazon purchase will be eligible for Kohl’s return process.

There is also no guarantee you will receive a discount coupon.

Consumer analyst Julie Ramhold told BestLifeOnline: “I’ve anecdotally seen stories of people who received a coupon for 25% off a Kohl’s purchase instead, which comes with various exclusions, and even some who’ve received nothing at all – other than the ease of their return.

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“I would say that it’s possible you can receive Kohl’s Cash, but not to count on it, especially if the policy begins seeing abuse and exploitation, with customers purposely making purchases from Amazon of items they don’t need and then returning them for the Kohl’s savings.

“If this starts happening, I imagine Kohl’s will lean more into handing out coupons rather than Kohl’s Cash and could do away with the perk altogether if the abuse is bad enough.”

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