McDonald’s’ launching plant-based McNuggets next week

McDonald’s is adding another plant-based menu item that may cause more traditional customers to cry foul.

The Chicago-based fast food giant is introducing plant-based McNuggets next week.

The item is being co-developed with Beyond Meat, the California-based maker of plant-based meats.

The McPlant Nuggets will be made from peas, corn and wheat with a tempura batter.

Germany will be the first market to test the newest offering.

It will be the second plant-based item that McDonald’s has offered. The Golden Arches has been selling a McPlant burger since 2021.

McDonald’s will also start selling the McPlant burger in Germany next week.

The August rollout to more than 1,400 restaurants follows a limited-time test at nine restaurants in the Stuttgart area. 

Availability of the McPlant nuggets and burger in future markets will depend on customer demand, McDonald’s said.

McDonald’s in the U.S. ended a test of the McPlant burger last summer without announcing any future plans for its sale.

European customers have generally been more receptive to McDonald’s plant-based meat products than those in the U.S. 

The McPlant burger is now a permanent menu item in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria and the Netherlands. 

Beyond Meat began selling plant-based chicken in U.S. groceries in 2021. It has also co-developed plant-based tenders and nuggets with other chains, including KFC and Panda Express.

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