Robots and AI will play role in 2023 Super Bowl and even ChatGPT is involved

THE NFL has plans to implement innovative AI technology in a major way during this year’s Super Bowl.

Last year, more than 99 million viewers tuned in to watch the big game – this year more than 192.9 million people are planning to watch, per NRF research.

The NFL has plans to implement innovative AI technology in a major way during this year's Super Bowl


The NFL has plans to implement innovative AI technology in a major way during this year’s Super BowlCredit: Getty Images – Getty

This makes the event the perfect place for the NFL to showcase how sports and technology are intersecting.

From self-driving robot taxis to advanced chatbot scripting ads, here are some of the ways AI is being used for the Super Bowl.

Robot Taxis

“Just by having one of the most technologically advanced stadiums hosting this year’s Super Bowl, we know that Sunday 12th is going to give us a game to remember,” Garrett Yamasaki, a marketing expert, and founder & CEO of WeLoveDoodles, told The US Sun.

“But the stadium isn’t the only technological show we will be seeing,” Yamasaki said. “This year, self-driving tech company Waymo is the official autonomous technology partner.”

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The former Google and YouTube marketing employee said Waymo will be offering their self-driven Robotaxis to Super Bowl attendants from Phoenix airport to the Downtown areas.

Currently, Waymo only has Robotaxis in Phoenix but plans to expand to San Francisco and Los Angeles next, per Axios.

“Of course, the high traffic of attendants will demand a higher amount of Robotaxis available, so it’s going to be a big challenge for the company,” Yamasaki pointed out.

“This technology can prove itself if it reduces accidents during the Sunday night game, as the number of accidents increases significantly during the game thanks to alcohol consumption and driving,” he added.


Another big technology making waves this Super Bowl – and in general – is OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which is reportedly scripting some of the ads.

Everyone knows one of the best parts of the Super Bowl is the hilarious and unexpected commercials, thus many experts are excited to see what the controversial AI has come up with.

“As a technologist, I am thrilled to see the adoption of generative AI innovations like ChatGPT for writing Super Bowl commercials,” Shivansh Chaudhary, the Cheif Technology Officer of Fabric, a geospatial web company intersecting AR, AI, computer vision, and professional sporting events, told The US Sun.

“This transformation of the creative and design process is exciting, but it’s crucial to remember that the real magic is in finding a delicate balance between human interactions and technology-driven automation,” Chaudhary added.

“AI is a powerful tool for enhancing efficiency, but ultimately it’s the human-centric approach that infuses these commercials with an emotional connection and sense of belonging, making them truly unforgettable.”

One commercial that has been confirmed as scripted by ChatGPT includes an avocado ad promoted by Avocados from Mexico.

The company is reportedly creating an immersive Super Bowl experience that will allow consumers to directly engage with the brand.

“One of the most exciting [ads] is the idea promoted by Avocados from Mexicos, which will be displaying a QR code during its 30-second ad that will redirect spectators to a landing page fueled by ChatGPT in which they will be able to create a tweet by just pressing a button,” Yamasaki said.

“If this ends up going well, we’re talking about instant marketing content created during one of the most important commercial nights of the year,” Yamasaki added.

How to watch the 2023 Super Bowl

Super Bowl LVII will be shown live on FOX.

Kevin Burkhardt will be on play-by-play calling duties, with former NFL Greg Olsen as an analyst.

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Both Erin Andrews and Tom Rinaldi will be FOX’s reporters on the sidelines.

It remains to be seen if Tom Brady – who signed a ten-year, $375m contract with FOX last year – will take up analyst duties on the day.

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